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who shall give us flesh to eat, 2024 / malta biennale / white chocolate







A form of visual and symbolic conquest, architecture can reinforce ideas of subjugation, control, authority and imperial grandeur. Malta, an island positioned as a cultural crossroad, is flooded with religious symbols that perpetuate a narrative of power and domination. Who shall give us flesh to eat aims to offer new readings for their recontextualization and reclamation, opening dialogue to questions regarding heritage conservation and post colonialism. For this site specific installation, created for the “Decolonising Malta” section of the Malta Biennale 2024, life-size fragments were recreated in chocolate using 3d scans taken from the architecture of the city and the statue of shipwrecked St. Paul. They were installed at Tal Pilar Church in Valleta and will be eaten by the public throughout the duration of the Biennale.

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