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IG: @andreaferrerop

Andrea Ferrero (b. Lima, 1991) is a visual artist currently living and working in Mexico City. Her work critically considers iconographies of power and our relationship with them, staging fictional realities that playfully encourage new ways in which symbols of domination that have been inserted into built space and embedded into collective consciousness can be reappropriated and resignified. Recently focused on researching food as spectacle, eating rituals as stagings of power and their relation to architecture and ceremonial aesthetics, it seeks to challenge colonial legacies through strategies of humor and fiction. Using archival material, photogrammetry and 3d prints as raw material, her recent work unfolds in edible pieces that focus on the process of eating, digesting, metabolizing and excreting, often involving the audience in ephemeral sweet bacchanalia.


Andrea was part of the SOMA Academic Program in Mexico City 2019-2021 and has been part of artist residencies including Pivô arte e pesquisa, Sao Paulo; Mass Moca, Massachcussetts; HANGAR, Lisbon and FLORA ars+natura, Bogotá, among others. She was awarded the Virginia A. Groot Foundation Award 2019 and was a finalist in the Taoyuan International Art Award 2023. She is currently participating in the Malta Biennale 2024 and her work has been shown in spaces such as Museo Jumex (Mexico City), TMOFA (Taoyuan), Swivell Gallery (New York), Gallery Shilla (Seoul) and Museo de Arte Contemporáneo (Lima). Among her upcoming projects for 2024 is a three person show at TRA, Miami and a residency at Fountainhead Arts, Miami.

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