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por qué las cosas (no)

se caen, 2018

plaster, blueprints


The first of three Courthouses of Bogotá was burnt down during El Bogotazo in 1948, a massive riot spurred by the murder of leftist leader Jorge Eliécer Gaitán that marked the beginning of a period known as La Violencia. This was the first one of three Courthouses in the Colombian capital. Based on the original plans, Based on the original plans, I modeled fragments of the ruin of one of the domes that was designed but never built. These are accompanied by  two blueprints, made using the same cyanotype technique as the original plans, that depict a structurally impossible building: The first one is an exact replica of the plan for the facade of the Courthouse, while the second has the interior walls hollow. If the building were built, it would collapse inward maintaining only its facade intact.

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