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pieces detruites, 2022 

chocolate, gelatin

This project, presented at Museo Jumex during Urs Fisher’s retrospective exhibition, “Lovers”, takes the “pièces montées” designs of Carême and Dubois, architects of sugar for the European elite in the 19th century, as a reference to address the way in which the elites have used celebrations to portray power and establish hierarchies. The consumption of luxury goods was critical in this spectacle, and rituals of pastry and cake decorations were emblematic symbols of power and control. Food as a spectacle and the rituals of food and serving have historically been used as stagings of power, with grandiose theatricals that emphasized social structures. The project proposes a series of sugar monuments made from architectural moldings, imprints, ornaments and jell-o molds: ephemeral and edible pieces, created to be given away, eaten, metabolized, digested and excreted.

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